MC9090 Reseating the Keypad

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Reseating the Keypad

Reseating the keypad on your Motorola MC9090 mobile computer can fix many common problems that you may be experiencing. These problems include non-functional keys, power/boot issues, keys that may be entering incorrect information or the “close battery door” error message. See below for steps on reseating the keyboard on your mobile device.

Keypad Removal

  1. Press the power button to suspend the device.
  2. Remove the two keypad screws located under the display.
  3. Slide the keyboard down, then away from the MC9090.
  4. Make sure that the battery latch screws located on each side of the SD slot are secure.
  5. Replace the keyboard and the two keyboard screws making sure that they are tightened.
  6. Cold boot the device.


NOTE: Do not apply more than 4 in-lbs torque when tightening the keypad screws.

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