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Motorola MC9090 Status Icon Index

This article will help explain status icons on your Motorola MC9090.

Status Icons (Windows CE 5.0)

The Taskbar at the bottom of the screen displays your active programs, time, battery status and communication status.

The status icons that are visible in the taskbar indicate present status. Double tapping each icon brings up the corresponding setup window and allows you to change or adjust its settings.





Status Icons (Windows Mobile 5.0)

The Status Bar at the top of the screen displays time of day, battery status and communication status.


Status icons are displayed in the Status Bar and indicate the present status of the device. Tapping each icon will display the corresponding dialog box to change or adjust the setting.




Command Bar


You will see items listed below in the Command Bar at the bottom of the screen.



Speaker Icon

You can adjust the system volume using the Speaker icon on your mobile device.



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