How to Calibrate an MC9090 Screen

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How to Calibrate and Align an MC9090 Screen

From time to time the display on your MC9090 screen will need to be recalibrated. Below is a quick guide on how to set up the alignment and MC9090 screen configuration. This will calibrate your Symbol scanner, Motorola scanner, and apply to most Zebra MC909X scanners.

If you are still having trouble recalibrating your MC9090 devices, see the Motorola MC9090 manual. Depending on your setup and software, your best bet may be a repair quote. A display or handheld configuration shouldn’t cause this much trouble, especially with regular maintenance

Method 1 – MC9090 Battery Insertion

  1. Remove and re-insert the MC9090 battery. The unit should automatically route to the align screen.
  2. To calibrate the screen so the cursor on the touch screen aligns with the top of the stylus, carefully press and hold the tip of the stylus on the center of each target that appears on the screen.
  3. Repeat until complete, or press ESC to cancel.


Method 2 – Access the MC9090 Recalibration Screen

Important note: MC9090s do not always boot to the alignment screen with the method above, depending on which operating system you use. In addition, custom software added to the MC9090 could interfere with this process. Let’s give it a shot.

  1. A MC9090 screen recalibration can be completed at any time by pressing and holding the Blue FUNC key, then pressing the ESC key on the keypad.
  2. Certain MC9090s have different or revised keys with the ESC key labeled as ENT. In this case, hold the Blue FUNC key and press ENT on the keypad.
  3. Once on the calibration screen, tap the target firmly and accurately at each location on the screen.
  4. The target will continue to move until the screen is aligned. Press ESC or ENT to exit.

Is your MC9090 touch screen not working, even after all that? Symbol, Motorola, and Zebra service and repair is one step away. 

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