Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions

Manage, control, and push updates to an entire mobility network, securely and remotely 

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions act as a centralized command center for an entire network of devices.

It’s never been easier to monitor, secure, and update thousands of smartphones, barcode scanners, and tablets all at once.

The number of connected devices owned at the enterprise level continues to expand at a breathtaking pace, providing a growing challenge for IT leaders to keep security, efficiency, and costs under control.

What kinds of data does an MDM solution track?

  1. Device Owner Name
  2. Real-Time Device Location
  3. Serial Number and Model of Device
  4. Device Operating System
  5. Mobile Applications Installed
  6. Device Storage
  7. Remaining Battery Life
  8. Battery Health
  9. Network Connectivity Strength
  10. Login and Password
  11. Configuration

Key Benefits of Mobile Device Management

With MDM, equipment inventory tracking is saving companies a massive amount of money and headache.

Device loss due to theft and negligence is not the risk it once was.

Employee personal app usage can provide feedback into time management. Battery health is a good indicator of how well the device is being used.

And that massive migration to the latest Android OS? Deploy it with one update within the MDM solution.

For a more in depth look at MDM as a whole, please read our beginner’s guide to mobile device management.

Overall, mobile device management is a crucial layer of insurance for organizations that rely on mobile equipment at any scale.

Mobile Device Management Partners

Carlton has strategic partnerships with both Ivanti (formerly Wavelink) and SOTI, the two premier sources of mobile device and infrastructure management solutions.

Depending on your technology management requirements, one or the other will be precisely right for you.

It’s worth noting both organizations provide the ability to streamline management of an entire mobile network—and to do so from one central location.

With customers reporting easier configuration, deployment, and management of wireless networks and resulting savings of up to 60 percent in costs, remote equipment management from Carlton Technologies is an option worth looking into.

A Closer Look at MDM

Mobile Device Management Case Study

Mobile device management was a core aspect in a furniture manufacturer’s mobile computer refresh and migration to Android OS from Windows Embedded.

"No matter who I buy IT equipment from, I wouldn’t trust anybody for service and repairs like I trust Carlton. Not even the OEM."

A leading office furniture manufacturer entrusted Carlton Technologies to manage, repair, and upgrade their mobile computers from Windows to Android.

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