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Changing the MC9090 Display and Backlight Settings

To change the settings on your Motorola MC9090 display to conserve more battery power, you’ll first need to know which operating system your scanner is running. MC9090s running Windows CE 5.0 will function a little different from those running Windows Mobile 5.0. Here is how you can update your MC9090 display and backlight settings:

  1. On devices with Windows CE 5.0, tap Start > Settings > Control Panel > Backlight icon > Battery Power.
  2. On devices with Windows Mobile 5.0, tap Start > Settings > Systems tab, Backlight icon > Battery Power.
  3. Select the On battery power: Disable backlight if not used for check box and select a value from the drop down list box.
  4. Tap the Brightness tab.
  5. Tap the Disable backlight check box to completely turn off the display backlight.
  6. Use the slider to set the brightness of the backlight. Set it to a low value to save battery power.
  7. Tap OK.

Still having trouble? You might have a different OS or custom software enabled.

Don’t give up – you can review the MC9090 user manual, too. While Symbol / Motorola / Zebra issued an MC9090 end of life years ago, Carlton Technologies will never end of life MC9090s. Ask us for help the next time you need MC9090 repairs.

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