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Any essential good or service that your business delivers – from the food on your plate to a doctor’s appointment – Carlton Technologies is the IT workhorse that delivers what you need, when you need it.

Carlton Professional Services is committed to deploying and ensuring your essential technology is effective for its entire lifespan, from the warehouse to the storefront. The fundamental principles you can expect include:

A Tangible ROI from Your IT Assets

We ask the right questions, understand your business goals, and help you achieve a tangible return on investment from your broadline IT assets in order to achieve those same goals

Direct & Punctual Communication

Timely, clear communication for all stakeholders, whether resolving a critical issue or having a friendly check-in call

Informed Decisions, Fewer Limitations

Personalization of your entire technology lifecycle, so you can make impactful decisions accurately and quickly (without being held back by the same technology) 

As true technology lifecycle partners, Carlton Technologies becomes a natural extension of your IT department. 

Consumer and commercial expectations have never been more demanding. Your broadline IT assets need to simply perform better.

  • 25% Planning, Solution Design, Procurement 25% 25%
  • 60% IT Asset Deployment and Installations 60% 60%
  • 15% Ongoing Management, Repair, and Consulting 15% 15%

What Carlton Professional Services Includes

Carlton Professional Services is a proactive, adaptive approach to technology lifecycle management. Project consultation, planning, design, proof of concept, and device selection is followed by asset procurement, deployment, ongoing management and field services, all the way down to asset disposal when it’s time to upgrade. Services include, but are not limited to: 

Onsite Field Services

Resolve location-specific technical issues with seasoned, professional field service technicians. Onsite problem-solving, setup, and repairs when you need it. Field service coverage includes United States and Canada. Learn More About Onsite Field Services

New Location Installations and IT Project Management

Open new stores, practices, and distribution centers on time with minimal impact to your internal resources. Carlton Technologies’ approach to new location installations and project management is unmatched. Our Approach to New Location Installations

IT Asset Procurement and Vendor Consolidation

Be more nimble. Any hardware endpoint where data is captured or transmitted, we find opportunities for improvement so that IT and resource limitations do not stand in the way of your business objectives. Through our strategic OEM & distribution relationships, we have the ability to provide all broadline IT hardware. Our custom project plans and solutions are designed to promote future growth, not future issues. See Our Full List of Procurement Capabilities

Asset Staging, Configuration, Integration, Kitting, and Deployment

Devices are received and serial numbers are recorded. Assets are then tagged, labeled, and configured in our secure, state-of-the-art technical center. Centralized software loading, testing, staging, personalization, and rapid deployment to your organization in tidy, ready-to-install kits. Our Staging, Integration, and Deployment Services

Site Surveys and Network Installations

Convenient, thorough site surveys of your wired and/or wireless networks. Underperforming networks are not only identified, but actively repaired. When necessary, new networks are established. Improve Your Network with a Site Survey

Low Voltage Cabling

Low voltage cabling organization and cleanup means faster, more effective network troubleshooting and improved network uptime during peak business hours. Regain Control of Your Low Voltage Cabling

Our Customers

For two decades and counting, our customers in retail, warehousing, distribution, transportation and logistics, and healthcare have entrusted Carlton with repairs, procurement, and managed services.

Why? Truly exceptional managed IT services begins and ends with an exceptional partner. A partner that understands your unique business challenges, adds real value by providing a tangible return on investment, and manages and improves complex technology projects for you.

Do more with less. By tomorrow.

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