Staging, Integration, and Deployment

For the best possible device deployment and foundation, begin with staging and integration services from Carlton Technologies

What is Staging and Integration?

Staging and integration is the process of configuring a large quantity of IT assets simultaneously in a central location.

This allows rapid deployment to your offices, stores, and distribution centers so they arrive onsite ready to use.

A single staging and integration event consists of many smaller events working in harmony. IT asset verification, software loading, testing, staging, personalization, and kitting each play an important role.

technology deployments and staging

Why Staging and Integration Should Be Centralized

A centralized staging and integration event is a must for any successful technology roll out. An offsite staging and integration begins with all relevant technology being shipped to our technical center in Holland, Michigan. Here’s why we recommend offsite rather than onsite staging:


Experience fewer project delays and scope creep when staging and integration occurs in a controlled environment, independent of your onsite locations.

Plug and Play

Your technology stack arrives “plug and play” at each location. You save time, money, physical space, and experience fewer problems in the field.


Deploying and installing technology for new stores, offices, medical practices, warehouses, and distribution centers is systematic, repeatable, and scalable.

Our Staging, Configuration, and Asset Deployment Process

Carlton Technologies follows a multi-step methodology for staging, integrating, and deploying enterprise technology. Steps can vary from project to project, but the general process looks like this:

Hardware Receipt and Verification

technology hardware receipt and verification

Verifying that the correct equipment was ordered and received prior to staging and deploying is a time-consuming, yet essential first step of a staging & integration event.

As equipment is received by Carlton, every device is serialized and inventoried for warranty entitlement and per-location asset tracking. This way, your assets are organized and accounted for before setup begins.

staging dell pc pallet

Secure, Rapid Software Imaging with Our Multicast Server

staging and integration

A principal software image is configured, validated, and tested. Once the ideal custom software image is approved, we leverage a multicast server to distribute that image to each device over a high-speed network.

cabling in a server rack

This allows for many devices to be imaged quickly with 100% accuracy upon each software load.

Per Device Personalization

With Per Device Personalization, we configure equipment with exact user and location specifications as part of the imaging and loading process.
per device personalization staging integration

When your equipment arrives on location, each device is configured to work right out of the box. Minimal setup required, although we can schedule field service technicians to support you onsite.

Device Testing

staging device testing
Every device is tested to ensure that all components are functioning and communicating as intended.
technology deployments and procurement

Per Site Kitting

No more delays searching for lost equipment

Per Site Kitting from Carlton Technologies ensures that all necessary equipment and associated accessories are packaged in a tidy kit and shipped together.

per device kitting

Your technology arrives at your designated locations on time, ready to use.

Warranty Entitlement

Carlton concludes staging events by logging a full list of serial numbers for every asset, and activates the OEM warranty upon shipment to the end user location.

While new equipment includes a manufacturer warranty, it typically needs to be registered with the OEM in order to activate the warranty on the appropriate date. Leave warranty entitlement, repairs, and replacement to us.

What questions do you have about staging and configuration?

Staging and Integration Case Study

Technology projects are easier and more cost effective with Carlton. Staging events are essential, and the results speak for themselves. Hear what our customers are saying.

"No matter who I buy IT equipment from, I wouldn’t trust anybody for service and repairs like I trust Carlton. Not even the OEM."

A leading office furniture manufacturer entrusted Carlton Technologies to manage, repair, and upgrade their mobile computers from Windows to Android.

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