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MC9090 Battery Tips and Tricks

Batteries are a critical aspect to the functionality of your mission critical devices. In this article you will find common tips, tricks and best practices when it comes to maintenance of your batteries for your Motorola MC9090.

Inserting the main battery

Before using your mobile computer, install a lithium-ion battery by sliding the battery into the device until you hear two audible clicks. When a battery is fully inserted into the device for the first time the mobile computer boots and powers on automatically.


The back up battery should also be fully charged before using the device. To accomplish this, place the unit in the cradle. A completely discharged back up battery will take up to 15 hours to fully charge. The mobile computers back up battery will automatically charge from the main battery after the first initial complete charge. The back up battery retains data in memory for at least 30 minutes when the main battery is removed, provided that the back up battery is fully charged.

Removing the main battery

Prior to removing the battery, press the red Power button to set the mobile computer to suspend mode. Press the two side main battery releases and the battery will partially eject from the device. Pause 3 to 4 seconds while the device performs battery removal shut down. Now press the secondary battery release, on top of the battery, and slide the battery out of the mobile computer.



Checking battery status

To check the main battery charge percentage in the mobile computer:

  • Windows CE; tap Start > Setting > Control Panel > Power icon to display the battery status window
  • Windows Mobile: tap Start > Settings > Systems tab > Power icon to display the power window

Charging Spare Batteries

Use the following accessories to charge spare batteries:

  • Single slot serial/USB cradle
  • Four slot spare battery charger
  • UBC adapter

To charge a spare battery:

  1. Ensure the accessory used to charge the spare battery is connected to the appropriate power source
  2. Insert the battery into the charging slot with charging contacts facing down and gently press down to ensure proper contact
  3. The battery will start to charge automatically and the amber charge LED on the accessory lights to show the charge status.


Battery Management

Battery Saving Tips

  1. Leave the mobile computer connected to AC power at all times when not in use.
  2. Set the mobile computer to turn off after a short period of non-use.
  3. Set the display and keyboard backlight to turn after a short period of non-use.
  4. Turn off all wireless activity when not in use.
  5. Power off the mobile computer when charging to charge at a faster rate.

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