Asset Management

Carlton will happily store customer-owned inventory in a secure, centralized location.

Save Precious Inventory Space

Running out of room in your stock rooms and distribution centers? Store and secure your inactive technology assets in our secure technical center. Should you need a piece of inventory in an emergency or for an upcoming project, we’ll send it overnight to the location(s) you specify.

asset management

No More “Lost” Equipment

Any inventory you own is serialized upon receipt at Carlton’s technical center. If it’s stored with Carlton, you have real-time visibility for all your technology. Upon request, we also apply custom tags to both the device and OEM packaging (such as branded service tags or model number labels) and per device personalization (naming PCs and printers, adding to a domain, and any other location-specific applications).

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Understand the Value of Your Assets

Printers and unused computers that we manage for you won’t collect dust. We look for opportunities to regain value from unused technology. Some examples include manufacturer warranty entitlement and tracking, extended warranties and service for end of life assets, asset decommissioning, as well as refurbishing and reselling your equipment for you.

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Asset Management Solution Expertise

Prefer to manage your own assets, but unsure where to start? Our direct line to leading manufacturers and service providers, as well as our own experiences using a wide range of MDM and emulation platforms will help make the path forward for your own in-house technology management much clearer.

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Carlton’s asset management for both a leading manufacturer and national home goods retailer made innovation easier and cost-effective.

"No matter who I buy IT equipment from, I wouldn’t trust anybody for service and repairs like I trust Carlton. Not even the OEM."

A leading office furniture manufacturer entrusted Carlton Technologies to manage, repair, and upgrade their mobile computers from Windows to Android.

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"Carlton was an invaluable partner. They made the entire process easy. What might have taken a half a year took just 15 weeks.”

A household goods retailer hired Carlton Technologies, Inc. to locate, evaluate, serialize, clean, and service its in-store printers for 1,400 locations in just 15 weeks.

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