Asset Decommissioning

Keep your unused technology and sensitive data out of the wrong hands (or a landfill)

When assets reach the end of a useful lifecycle, what happens next?

Done responsibly, information technology asset decommissioning (ITAD) and disposition is a multi-step process. If you have a stock room shelf or IT closet cluttered with old computers, hard drives, racks, and printers, theft is practically guaranteed. More questions to consider:

  • How many company-owned cellphones and laptops are in circulation?
  • What policies are for identifying and erasing company data on these devices are not just in place, but actively enforced?
  • Can the technology be reused within your organization, refurbished and resold, or is full disposition required?

Carlton receives your technology, serializes every device, completely sanitizes storage drives, breaks everything down, and ensures every component is repurposed or recycled to minimize electronic waste and data breaches.

technology deployments and onsite surveys

Pickup Arrangements and Serialized Receipt

Gain a clear picture of device functionality, location, functionality, and plan for retirement

Whether you prefer local technology pickups of decommissioned assets, or prefer to ship us underutilized or malfunctioning equipment – Carlton makes the entire process convenient. Upon receipt, we serialize every asset, provide tracking information, and a detailed inventory list so you can make an informed decision of what happens next.

serialized receipt of assets for disposition

Not all equipment may be ready for retirement, but requires a secure home.

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Data Sanitation and Erasure

Protecting and removing sensitive consumer or patient data from retired devices isn’t just about doing the right thing – it’s the law

Staggering quantities of personal data are collected, stored, and often forgotten about. Unwiped devices leave organizations vulnerable to data leaks, fines, damaged public perception, and in the worst cases, civil and criminal liability. Carlton performs three passes on every device, following the compliance standards set forth from HIPAA, FACTA, SOx, PCI DSS, and more. In many cases, complete destruction is required.


Total IoT Devices Worldwide (2021 Estimation)


U.S. Healthcare Records Lost, Stolen, or Exposed Since 2009


PHI (protected health information) leaked from the theft of two unencrypted laptops

Asset Destruction and Disposition

Certificate of IT Asset Destruction

The ITAD gold standard is reuse and recycle whenever possible. However, certain industries require complete destruction of electronics hardware for maximum protection. Carlton provides a certificate of destruction, ensuring the technology has been adequately dismantled and disposed in an environmentally safe manner.

asset disassembled and disposition

Regain IT Asset Value

Trade In Your Unused Equipment

Technology ownership is a massive investment, with a large degree of depreciation. When you’ve decided to upgrade your enterprise-owned equipment, asset disposition doesn’t automatically mean a sunk cost. Carlton can break components down for future device repairs, refurbish and resell certified pre-owned to other customers in need, and even buy your equipment back to be applied to your next upgrade. Less e-waste is a win-win – let us make it worth your while.

technology components and parts for repair

Is asset decommissioning the right step? Let’s chat.