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Thanks to our strategic partnerships with leading manufacturing brands, Carlton delivers the best possible technology solutions for your needs

Our longstanding relationships with leading hardware manufacturers reduce risk and ownership costs, all while providing white glove, personalized service.

New hardware solutions include, but are not limited to: mobile computers, point of sale systems, printers, handheld scanners, barcode equipment, mobile device management, and networking solutions.

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We make technology projects, deployments, procurement, repair, and more easy, no matter the industry or organization size.

"Carlton was a trusted IT partner for years, so we knew their managed services would scale with our TMS upgrade plans.”

A freight transportation provider relied on Carlton for inventory management, device staging and provisioning, device kitting, testing, and deployment in thousands of vehicles.

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"Carlton was an invaluable partner. They made the entire process easy. What might have taken a half a year took just 15 weeks.”

A household goods retailer hired Carlton Technologies, Inc. to locate, evaluate, serialize, clean, and service its in-store printers for 1,400 locations in just 15 weeks.

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“Our ambitious expansion plans across the U.S. were limited by technology. Carlton helped reduce the strain in every way imaginable."

A dental services organization hired Carlton for national technology deployment services and IT vendor consolidation for 250 new dental practices across the U.S.

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