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How to Enable/Disable the Bluetooth Radio

Your MC9090 mobile computer may be equipped with a Bluetooth Radio. Follow the instructions below to turn the Bluetooth Radio on/off.

Turn off the Bluetooth radio to save power or if entering and area with radio restrictions. When the radio is off, the mobile computer can not be seen or connected to by other Bluetooth devices. Turning on the radio will allow you to exchange information with other Bluetooth enabled devices that may be in range.

Quick Tip: To achieve the best battery life in your mobile device. Turn off any radios that are not in use.

Disabling Bluetooth

To disable Bluetooth, tap the Bluetooth icon > Disable Bluetooth. The icon changes to indicate the Bluetooth is disabled. An exclamation point appears on the icon.

Enabling Bluetooth

To enable Bluetooth, tap Bluetooth icon > Enable Bluetooth. The icon will then change to indicate that Bluetooth is enabled.

Bluetooth Power States

  • Cold Boot: When a cold boot is performed on the device, Bluetooth turns off. It is normal to see the Bluetooth icon appear and disappear, as well as a wait cursor, when initializing proceeds in all modes.
  • Warm Boot: When a warm boot is performed on the device, Bluetooth returns to the disabled state (off).

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