Site Surveys and Network Installations

Get the performance your business deserves with better connectivity and speed

With onsite networking, what you don’t know can cost you.

To unveil major areas of performance improvement and cost savings in both wired and wireless networks, a thorough site survey should be conducted by a trusted third party.

During an onsite survey, known issues are discussed with the internal IT management. Many site surveys simply validate what you already know. However, it’s also common for less obvious problems to be discovered and diagnosed during an audit. Carlton takes it a step further than an audit and recommendation checklist.

low voltage cabling network server

Carlton Technologies implements onsite network improvements and installations for you.

We’ll improve your network infrastructure and overall connectivity, as well as provide increased speeds. Installing modern hardware, organizing and upgrading low voltage cabling, and connecting your onsite technology are just a few examples of how we can help.

We can also manage ISP relationships and assure you are getting the network services you paid for.

Position your business for better connectivity and easier troubleshooting. The results are well worth it.

Wireless Site Surveys

onsite network survey

Wireless site surveys evaluate overall wireless network coverage in a location. Our wireless site surveys will help you understand any current obstacles to proper network coverage, as well as provide you with recommended locations of wireless access points that will provide the best coverage within the entire facility.

technology deployments and onsite surveys

Physical Site Surveys

physical site surveys

Physical site surveys audit the existing technology installed at a location, verify and label (if required) the site’s wired network, and provide a photo library of end user equipment. Physical site surveys also identify and evaluate existing network cabinets and closets to provide a better foundation for future initiatives.

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