Carlton Technologies provides rapid device imaging services, so your devices arrive ready to use

Our Imaging Services

Carlton Technologies loads your software and applications on all your IT equipment at once.

Secure, Rapid Imaging with Our Multicast Server

staging and integration

A principal software image is configured, validated, and tested. Once the ideal custom software image is approved, we leverage a multicast server to distribute that image to each device over a high-speed network.

cabling in a server rack

This allows for many devices to be imaged quickly with 100% accuracy upon each software load.

Load Hundreds of Devices at Once

Loading software and applications via USB, one machine at a time? It’s much faster loading hundreds of devices simultaneously in one location with a multicast server.

Plug and Play

Your technology stack arrives “plug and play” at each of your locations, loaded with your golden image and preferred applications.


Custom image loading for your new stores, offices, medical practices, warehouses, and distribution centers is convenient and easy to scale.

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