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Troubleshooting your Motorola ES400

Problem Cause Solution
ES400 does not turn on. Battery not charged. Charge or replace the battery in the Motorola ES400
Battery not installed properly. Install the battery properly.
System crash. Perform a reboot.
 Battery did not charge. Battery failed. Replace battery. If the ES400 still does not operate, perform a reboot.
No power to cradle or cable. Ensure that power is applied to the cradle or cable. The Battery Status LED flashes green to indicate that the ES400 is charging.
ES400 removed from cradle while battery was charging. Place the ES400 into the cradle. The 1540 mAh battery fully charges in less than three hours and the 3080 mAh battery charges in less than six hours.
Extreme battery temperature. Battery does not charge if ambient temperature is below 0°C (32°F) or above 40°C (104°F).
ES400 not functioning. Perform a reboot.
Cannot see characters on
ES400 not powered on. Press the Power button.
During data communication, no data transmitted, or transmitted data was incomplete. ES400 removed from cradle or
disconnected from host computer during communication.
Replace the ES400 into the cradle, or reattach the USB Rapid
Charging cable and re-transmit.
Communication software was
incorrectly installed or configured.
Perform setup.
No sound. Volume setting is low or turned off. Adjust the volume.
ES400 shuts off. ES400 is inactive. The ES400 turns off after a period of inactivity.
Battery is depleted. Recharge or replace the battery.
Tapping the window buttons or icons does not activate the corresponding feature. Screen is not calibrated
Re-calibrate the screen. Tap Start > Settings > System >Screen > Align Screen button.
The ES400 is not responding. Reboot the ES400.
A message appears stating that the ES400 memory is full. Too many files stored on the
Delete unused memos and records. If necessary, save these records on the host computer (or use an microSD card for additional memory).
Too many applications
installed on the ES400.
Remove user-installed applications on the ES400 to recover memory. Tap Start > Settings > System > Remove Programs. Select the unused program and tap Remove.
Camera application does not launch. DataWedge application
Stop DataWedge application. Tap Start > Settings > System > DataWedge. Tap Running to stop DataWedge and then tap OK.
The ES400 does not
decode while reading
a bar code.
Scanning application is not
Load a scanning application on the ES400. See your system administrator.
Unreadable bar code. Ensure the symbol is not defaced.
Distance between exit window and bar code is incorrect. Place the ES400 within proper scanning range.
ES400 is not programmed for
the bar code.
Program the ES400 to accept the type of bar code being scanned.
ES400 is not programmed to
generate a beep.
If the ES400 does not beep on a good decode, set the application to generate a beep on good decode.
Phone service is not
available with SIM card installed.
SIM card might not be installed
Re-install SIM card and ensure that it is seated properly.

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