ES400 Digital Camera Scanning

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Motorola ES400 Digital Camera Scanning

The camera uses digital camera technology to take a digital picture of a bar code, stores the resulting image in its memory, and executes state-of-the-art software decoding algorithms to extract the data from the image.

To read a bar code, a scan-enabled application is required. The ES400 contains the DataWedge application that allows the user to enable the camera, decode the bar code data and display the bar code content.

  1. Enable DataWedge.
  2. Launch an application that supports text inputs, such as Word Mobile 2010 or Excel Mobile 2010.
  3. Point the camera lens on the back of the ES400 at a bar code.
  4. Press and hold the scan button. A preview window appears on the display window and a red aiming line emits from the ES400. The LED lights red indicating that the data capture is in process.
  5. Move the ES400 until the red aiming line is across the bar code.
  6. The LED lights green and a beep sounds, by default, to indicate the bar code was decoded successfully.
  7. The bar code content data displays in the text field.

Sample Bar Code:



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