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Maintaining your Motorola ES400

For trouble-free service, observe the following tips when using the ES400:

  • Do not scratch the screen of the ES400. When working with the ES400, use the supplied stylus or plastic-tipped pens intended for use with a touch-sensitive screen. Never use an actual pen or pencil or other sharp object on the surface of the ES400 screen.
  • The touch-sensitive screen of the ES400 is polycarbonate. Do not to drop the ES400 or subject it to strong impact.
  • Protect the ES400 from temperature extremes. Do not leave it on the dashboard of a car on a hot day, and keep it away from heat sources.
  • Do not store the ES400 in any location that is dusty, damp or wet.
  • Use a soft lens cloth to clean the ES400. If the surface of the ES400 screen becomes soiled, clean it with a soft cloth moistened with a diluted window-cleaning solution.
  • Periodically replace the rechargeable battery to ensure maximum battery life and product performance. Battery life depends on individual usage patterns.

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