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Installing the miniSD card or SIM Card in your Intermec CN3

The mini SD and SIM card slots are located below a door inside the CN3 battery compartment.

When the door to the miniSD is opened and closed (for changing, installing or removing the SIM or miniSD card), the Intermec CN3 performs a cold boot after you install the battery.

To insert a miniSD or SIM card

  • Press the Power button to suspend the Intermec CN3 and then remove the battery.
  • Locate the two screws on the miniSD/SIM card slot door.


  • Remove the screws and gently lift the door to the card slot.
  • Insert the SIM card or miniSD card as shown in the next illustrations.


  • Close the miniSD/SIM card slot door and insert the two screws.
  • Replace the battery pack and then press the Power button. The Intermec CN3 will cold boot.

Note: To prevent damage to the door, do not overtighten the screws that secure the door.

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