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Intermec CN3 Battery 101

Charging the Battery

The battery pack should be fully charged before you use your Intermec CN3 for the first time. If battery temperatures are within the battery charging range of 32° to 104° F, the standard battery pack takes up to four hours to charge. The extended battery pack will take up to five hours to charge. The battery is fully charged when the battery status LED shows a steady green.

To charge your battery; insert the battery into a quad battery charger, a single dock, a multidock or attach external power to your Intermec CN3 with the battery installed.

Changing the Battery

When you remove the battery from the Intermec CN3, an internal super-capacitor maintains your status, memory and real time clock for up to five minutes. To maximize this time, suspend the CN3 before changing the battery.

To remove and install the battery

  1. Press and release the Power button to suspend the Intermec CN3.
  2. Unsnap the top end of the handstrap.
  3. Slide the battery release tab to release it from the CN3.
  4. Place the end of the battery into the battery compartment as shown below and press down on the other end of the battery until it clicks into place.
  5. Snap the top of the handstrap back into place.


Checking Battery Status

A quick way to check the status of your battery is to look at the battery icon in the Intermec CN3 Status bar.

Battery Icon Status


The Battery Status LED indicates the charging status.


Understanding the Battery Status LED

 Battery Status
 Steady Green The battery is more than 95% charged and the CN3 is on a charger.
 Blinking Red The battery is low. The CN3 goes into Suspend mode. Charge or replace the battery.
 Steady red and the CN3 is attached to external power.  The battery is charging.
 Steady red and the CN3 is not attached to external power.  The CN3 firmware is not working properly.
 Steady amber  The battery is missing or unable to charge.
 Off The CN3 is not on external power and the battery is operating normally.

Maximizing Battery Life

Batteries are chemical devices. If the batteries are left sitting on a shelf for long periods of time outside the Intermec CN3, the batteries slowly discharge, eventually to zero if left uncharged. The battery chemistry resists normal degradation if you store the battery in a charger as opposed to leaving the battery in a discharged state. The following table will help you maximize the life of your battery.

When You Want To: Do this to save Battery Power
Operate the CN3 and the Low Battery status icon appears or the Battery light comes on. Press the power button to turn off the CN3. Remove the battery and insert another fully charged battery within five minutes or you may lose data. Or, you can connect the CN3 to an external power source.
Stop using the CN3 for five minutes or longer. Make sure the low battery icon is not on the screen and that the battery light is not turned on. Press the power button to turn off the CN3.
Store the CN3 for more than a day. If you are storing the CN3 for a few days, like over the weekend, install a charged battery or connect to an external power source.

If you are storing the battery for longer, remove and charge the battery, then store both the battery and device in a cool location.

If the battery in storage is not used in several months, you should charge the battery to keep peak performance.

Store the battery outside the CN3. Store the batteries in a charger.





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