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Intermec CK3 Color Coded Keys

The Intermec CK3 comes with a variety of keyboards but all will have color coded keys to help you access additional characters, symbols and functions printed on the keypad overlay. Once you understand how to use the color coded keys and key sequences, you will be able to access all of the additional features printed on the keypad overlay. There are two color coded modifier keys; the orange key and the green key.

Using the Color Coded Keys

Using the color coded keys

Capitalizing Characters

You can capitalize characters individually, or you can type all capital letters with you Intermec CK3 by enabling Caps Lock.

To capitalize a single character

  • On the alphanumeric keypad, press the orange function key, and then the A button to select the shift function. Press the orange function key again and then the character.
  • On a numeric keypad, press the orange function key and then key to select the shift function.

To enable Caps Lock

  • On the alphanumeric keypad press the orange function button, then the B key. Press the orange function button again to disable Caps Lock
  • On the numeric keypad, press the orange function key and the number one key.

The Caps Lock LED will light up green to show that the Intermec CK3 is in Caps Lock mode.

To disable Caps Lock

  • Press the orange color modifier key again.







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