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Improving the Performance on your Intermec CK3 Area Imager

Occasionally you will find scanning, using an area imager, to prove troublesome. Below are tips on how to improve the performance of your area imager on your Intermec CK3.

  • Keep your hand as steady as possible while scanning the label.
  • Position the imager as close to the barcode as possible while still being able to capture the entire bar code.
  • Enable only the bar code types that you need to use every day.
  • Choose a predefined mode in Intermec Settings.

To choose a predefined scanning mode with you Intermec CK3, follow the below steps:

  • Tap Start > Settings > the System tab > Intermec Settings
  • Tap Data Collection > Internal Scanner > Imager Settings > Predefined Modes and then select one of the below options.


If you are scanning multiple bar codes in a small area, use one of these parameters:

  • Aiming beam activation
  • Aim triggering mode
  • Center decoding

For help using center decoding use the following steps:

  • Press the power button to turn the Intermec CK3 on.
  • Point the scanner window at the bar code label.
  • Press the Scan button or pull the trigger. The illumination beam and the laser pointer will appear.
  • Aim both the illumination beam and the laser pointer at the bar code that you would like to scan.

Note: The center decoding parameter only decodes a barcode if the laser pointer is on the bar code and the illumination beam covers the bar code.

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