CK3 Aligning the Touch Screen

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Intermec CK3 Touch Screen

Occasionally your CK3 touch screen may not respond when you tap it with your stylus. Sometimes re-aligning the screen can correct this issue. Follow the steps below to align/calibrate your screen.

Calibrating the Touch Screen

  • Tap Start > Settings the Systems tab > Screen.
  • Tap Align Screen and follow the instructions to align the screen.
  • Click ok.

Note: If the touch screen is so far out of alignment that you can’t open the Start menu, follow the instructions below to re-align using the keypad.

Aligning the Touch Screen Using the Keypad

  • Access the Start menu by pressing the Orange function key and the number 1.
  • Press the Down button to select Settings.
  • Press Enter
  • Press the Tab button until the Settings tabs are highlighted.
  • Press the Right Arrow button to select the Systems tab.
  • Pres Tab until the Screen icon is highlighted.
  • Tab to Align Screen and press Enter.
  • Follow the instructions to align the screen.
  • Click ok.


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