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Intermec CK3 Battery Tips and Tricks

Batteries are a crucial aspect of the day to day functionality of your handheld mobile computer. The following article will help you with any questions regarding Intermec CK3 battery usage as well as helping to identify common icons related to battery health.

Battery Overview

Your Intermec CK3 can come with a standard battery or an extended battery. While the extended battery may increase the length of time between charges, several factors determine the life of your battery such as extreme temperatures, input devices and overall usage.

A few key points to note about batteries and usage of your Intermec CK3 :

  • You must fully charge the battery before you can use your device.
  • When you change your battery, an internal back up battery will maintain your status, memory and real time clock for 10 minutes.
  • If you fail to replace a low battery, you may lose important data, applications or settings.
  • When the CK3 is not using external power and you remove the battery, the unit will go into suspend mode.

Charging the Battery

Before using your Intermec CK3 , make sure to fully charge the battery. Whether you are using the standard or extended battery, it will take 4-7 hours to completely charge your battery. There are two ways to charge your battery:

  • Insert the battery into a battery bay of either a single or four slot battery charger.
  • Install the battery into the CK3 and insert the unit into either a single slot or four slot cradle.

Charging Times for Intermec CK3 Batteries.

CK3 Charge Time

Removing and Installing the Battery

In an effort to maximize the time allowed to replace your battery, and save important data and settings, place the CK3 in suspend mode before removing the battery pack.

  • Press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds. When you release the power button the CK3 will go into suspend mode.
  • If necessary, disconnect the hand strap form the bottom of the device.
  • Press the battery release tab toward the battery until it releases, and then lift it away from the CK3.
  • Insert the battery back into the unit and press down on the battery until it clicks.

Battery Conservation Tips

Battery Conservation

Checking the Battery Status

One easy way to check the status of the battery in your CK3 is to look at the battery icon in the status bar.

Battery Status

Battery Status LED

Your Intermec CK3 comes equipped with a Battery Status LED light that indicates the charging status of your battery.

Battery Status LED



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