X3 Battery 101

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Datalogic Falcon X3 Battery 101

Charging the Battery:

The battery icon on the taskbar will indicate hen the battery is low. You can charge the battery using a single slot cradle, the Datalogix Falcon X3 Multi Battery Charger or USB Direct connection with the host computer. Please note that charging via USB will significantly increase charge times.

During the charging process the LED positioned on the left side of the display is constant red. Once the charging process is complete the LED changes to a constant green.

Replacing the Battery Pack:

To correctly replace the battery in the Datalogic Falcon X3, follow the below steps.

  1. Turn off the Falcon X3.
  2. Press the latch release and lift the battery from the enclosure.
  3. Install the new battery, first insert the top end and then latch the bottom.

Note: To acheive maximum battery life, turn off all Datalogic Falcon X3 radios not in use.



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