SR61B Recovering the Device

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Recovering/Resetting your Intermec SR61B

The following procedures describe how to reset your scanner when it is unresponsive and how to rescue it if you inadvertently set it up in a configuration that prevents any additional configuration.

Resetting the SR61B:

If your Intermec SR61B does not respond when you pull the trigger, you can reset it. When you reset your Intermec SR61B, the scanner control firmware is restarted.

  • To reset: Remove and re-install the battery into your SR61B.

If you have a Bluetooth connection, the SR61B disconnects from the host device. After a reset, the SR61B tried to re-establish a Bluetooth connection with the host device when you turn it on.

Rescuing the SR61B:

If you cannot configure your Intermec SR61B anymore because it is in a locking configuration (for example, if you inadvertently disabled the trigger), you can rescue it. When you rescue your scanner, factory default settings are restored including custom default settings.

  • Reset your scanner by removing and re-installing the battery.
  • Pull the trigger for approximately 10 seconds, until the red LED lights up.
  • Release the trigger and then press it rapidly five times while the red LED is on (2 seconds).

The green LED stays on until the scanner beeps as confirmation (six beep melody), then the scanner powers off.










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