SR61B Battery 101

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Intermec SR61B  Battery 101

The Intermec SR61B uses a lithium-ion battery as its main power source and you will need to fully charge the battery before you can use your Intermec SR61B.

Charging the Battery:

  • Place the Intermec SR61B, with the battery installed, in the desktop/wall mount 1-Bay Charger.

1-Slot Wall


  • Remove the battery from the Intermec SR61B, and insert it into a 2-Bay, 4-Bay or 8-Bay charger.

4-Bay Charger

Checking Battery Status:

The Intermec SR61B status light automatically displays a low battery signal (blinking red) when less than 20% of the battery capacity remains. If you get this notification, you will need to charge the battery.

Note: Status light signals are different when the scanner is docked in a charger.

Status Lights:

Light State What it Means
Red, blinking slow Battery power is low (<20% – need to charge).
Red, on (only when docked) The scanner is charging.
Green, on (only when docked) The battery is fully charged.
Red, blinking fast Battery fault.





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