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Inserting the Media in your QL420, QL320 or QL220

You can operate your Zebra QL Series printer in two different print modes; Tear Off label or Peel off label. Tear off mode allows you to tear off each label (or a strip of labels) after it is printed. In Peel Off mode, the backing material is peeled away from the label as it is printed. After you remove a label, the next one is printed.

Loading the Media in your QL420 and QL220

  • Open the QL Series printer and press the latch release button on the side of the printer (number 1 below). The latch assembly will flip open automatically.
  • On the QL420 only, pull up the latch assembly completely (number 2 below) to unlatch the media cover.
  • Rotate the Media Cover (number 3 below), exposing the media compartment and the adjustable media supports.

220.420 Media

Loading the Media in your QL320

  • Open the printer and rotate the latch release levers on each side of the printer (number 1 below). The latch assembly will flip open automatically (number 2 below).
  • Rotate the Media Cover back (number 3 below), exposing the media compartment and adjustable media supports.

320 Media

Loading the Media, All Models

Grasp the media supports where shown and pull them apart. Insert the roll of media between them, and let the media supports close. Ensure that the media pulls off the core in the direction illustrated below.  The supports will adjust themselves to the width of the media and the media should be able to spin freely on the supports.

Media.All Models

QL420 Only Media

The QL420 has a loading slot in the rear of the media compartment which allows you to use standard 4″ wide fan media from an external supply. The external supply must be designed so that it does not cause excessive drag and the media is fed through the printer, which could result in distorted printing.

420 Media

Closing the Media Cover

Closing Media.1


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