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Using your Zebra QL Series Printers Optional Accessories

Your Zebra QL Series comes with a variety of optional accessories to help your team be more efficient while using their mobile printers.

Belt Clip

Most Zebra QL Series printers come with a belt clip as a standard feature. To use the belt clip; hook the clip over your belt and ensure that the clip is securely attached to the belt. The belt clip will pivot to allow you to move freely while wearing the printer.

The retainer for the belt clip has a strain relief feature which can be used with the communication cable.

QL Belt Clip


The Kickstand option allows users to use the printer on a desktop. To use the optional Kickstand; flip the Kickstand on the back of the printer open until you feel a slight detent. The printer will not sit at approximately a 30° to 45° angle on a desktop, depending on the printer model.

The retainer for the Kickstand has strain relief features which can be used with the communication cable.

QL Kickstand

Desk Stand

To use the optional Desk Stand with your Zebra QL Series printer; slide the printer onto the desk stand. The printers belt clip will hook onto the desk stand, as shown below, and hold it in place. Ensure that clip is securely attached to the Stand and the media compartment of the printer is seated securely in the Stand.

Holes are provided to permanently attach the Desk Stand to the work surface. Charger and data I/O cables may be plugged into the printer in the usual manner.

QL Desk Stand

Adjustable Should Strap

If your Zebra QL Series printer is equipped for the should strap option; snap each end of the shoulder strap into the “D” rings at the top of the printer. Hold the buckle and pull the strap, as shown below, until you reach the desired length.

QL Shoulder Strap

Carrying Strap

There are two optional varieties of carrying straps available for your Zebra QL Series printer. One will clip onto the “D” rings in the same fashion as the shoulder strap.

QL Carry.1

The other is secured to the printer permanently with loops in the strap secured by sleeves captured between the printers upper and lower covers.

QL Carry.2

Either strap provides the user with a convenient and secure way to carry the printer.


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