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Loading Media in your Intermec PB42

You can use fanfold or roll receipt media in your Intermec PB42 printer.

Media Specifications

Specification Dimensions
Receipt roll core (ID) 0.75″ (1.9cm)
Receipt roll maximum diameter 2.55″ (6.5cm)
Media Maximum width 4.40″ (11.2cm)

To Load Media

  • Slide the media cover release button to the unlocked (left) position.

  • Press the media cover release button to open the media cover.

  • Insert the media roll between the two media supports until it fits into place. Make sure you load the media clockwise so that it pulls off the core from the bottom of the printer.

  • Pull out a few inches of the media.
  • Close the media cover by pressing in the middle of the lid (or on both sides) until it latches. The printer emits a sound to tell you that the media door closed
  • Press the Feed button several times to advance the media.


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