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Intermec PB42 Control Panel

Understanding the Control Panel on your Intermec PB42 Printer

The PB42/PB42c control panel contains two buttons and four lights. Use the buttons to work with the PB42/PB42c. Use the lights to understand the state of the printer.


Button Function
Radio button Press to turn the radio on and off.
Feed button Press once to advance the media by 7.5mm (0.29″) or 63 dots.

Press and hold to advance media at 5.08cm (2″) per seconds until you release the button.

Radio and Feed buttons Press and hold both buttons until the printer beeps and prints out configuration test page.

While the printer is printing, pressing both
buttons causes the printer to cancel all print


Light State Description
Battery lights (printer powered externally)  Off

Fast blinking red

Solid red

Solid green

 No batteries installed.

Charging error.

The batteries are charging.

The battery charging is complete.

Battery lights (printer battery powered)  Off

Blinking red

 The batteries in a charged state.

The batteries are low. Charge or replace.

Resdy-to-Work™ indicator  Off

Solid blue

Blinking blue

Printer not connected to a host via Bluetooth or serial cable.

Printer connected to host by Bluetooth or the serial port enabled.

Printer out of paper, media cover open or hardware error.

 Radio light Fast blinking green

Slow blinking green


 The radio is receiving data.

The Bluetooth radio is on.

The radio is off.



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