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Waking Your Motorola MC9596

The wake-up conditions define what actions wake up your Motorola MC9596 after it has gone into suspend mode. The mobile computer can go into suspend mode by either pressing the Power button or automatically by Control Panel time-out settings. These settings are configurable and the factory default settings shown below are subject to change/update.Tap Start > Setting > System > Power icon > Wakeup tab to configure these settings.

Condition for Wake-up Power Button Automatic Time-out
AC power is applied. No Yes
Mobile computer is inserted into a cradle. No Yes
Mobile computer is removed from a cradle. No Yes
Mobile computer is connected to a USB device. Yes Yes
A key is pressed. No Yes
The scan triggered is pressed. No Yes
The screen is touched. No No
Bluetooth communication Yes Yes
On motion No No
Incoming phone call Yes Yes

Power Settings Wakeup Tab



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