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Your Definitive Motorola MC9596 Battery Guide

How to Install the Motorola MC9596 Battery:

  • Insert the battery, top first, into the battery compartment.
  • Press the battery down into the battery compartment until the battery release latches snap into place.

  • The Motorola MC9596 powers up automatically after inserting the battery, if the battery has been charged previously.

Charging the Motorola MC9596 Battery:

Before using your Motorola MC9596 for the first time you will need to charge the battery using either a charging cable or cradle.

Align and hook the MC9500-K interface pocket onto the cradle’s or cable’s cleat. The battery automatically begins charging.

LED Charge Indicators on the Motorola MC9596:

Battery Status LED Indication
Off Indicates that the:
• battery is not charging
• MC9500-K is not connected correctly to the cradle or not connected to a power source.
• cradle is not powered.
Slow Blinking Amber (1 blink every 2 seconds) Indicates that a healthy battery is charging.
Slow Blinking Red (1 blink every 2 seconds) Indicates that an unhealthy battery is charging.
Solid Green Indicates that a healthy battery is fully charged.
Solid Red Indicates that an unhealthy battery is fully charged.
Fast Blinking Amber (2 blinks/second) Indicates a charging error, e.g.:
• temperature is too low or too high.
• charging has gone on too long without completion (typically eight hours).
Single Blink Amber (when Power button pressed) Battery depleted.

Charging Temperature for the Motorola MC9596:

Charge batteries in temperatures from 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F). Note that charging is intelligently controlled by the Motorola MC9596.

To accomplish this, for small periods of time, the Motorola MC9596 alternately enables and disables battery charging to keep the battery at acceptable temperatures. The MC9596 indicates when charging is disabled due to abnormal temperatures via its LED.

Replacing the Motorola MC9596 Battery:

  • If the Motorola MC9596 is in suspend mode, press the red Power button to wake the device.
  • Press the red Power button to suspend.
  • Wait for red Decode LED to turn on and then turn off.
  • Unhook the handstrap.
  • Press the two battery release latches to release the battery. The battery ejects slightly.

  • Lift the battery from the Motorola MC9596.
  • Insert the replacement battery, top first, into the battery compartment in the back of the device.
  • Press the battery down until the battery release latches snap into place.

Your Motorola MC9596 will power up after inserting the battery.

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