MC9596 SIM Card

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Motorola MC9596 SIM Card

GSM phone service requires a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card, or smart card. Obtain the card from the your service provider. The card fits into your Motorola MC9596 and can contain the following information:

  • Mobile phone service provider account details.
  • Information regarding service access and preferences.
  • Contact information, which can be moved to Contacts on the Motorola MC9596.
  • Any additional services to which you have subscribed.

To Install the SIM Card:

  • Remove SIM card cover using the end of the stylus.

  • Slide the SIM card holder door to the left to unlock.
  • Lift the SIM card holder door.

  • Insert the SIM card into the holder door with the contacts facing down and the card notch facing up.

  • Close SIM card holder door and slide to the right to lock into place.
  • Align the SIM card cover over the access hole and press down until it snaps into place.
  • Install the battery.
  • After completing initial Motorola MC9596 setup or after replacing a SIM card:
    • Press the red Power button.
    • On the Today screen, tap Wireless Manager.
    • Ensure Phone is on.
    • Press the red Power button to suspend the Motorola MC9596.
    • Perform a warm boot.
    • Make a call to verify cellular connection.


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