MC65 LED Indicators

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Motorola MC65 LED Indicators

The Motorola MC65 has three LED indicators. The Data Capture LED indicates status for scanning. The Charging/Battery Status LED indicates battery charging and status. The Radio Status LED indicates WWAN radio status.


Data Capture LED

LED State Indication
Solid Green Successful decode/capture
Solid Red Laser enabled, scanning/imaging in process
Flashing Green Software initiated notification
Solid Red (after power button press) MC65 is shutting down for battery replacement
Off Data capture not enabled

Charging/Battery Status LED

LED State Indication
Slow Blinking Amber Main battery is charging
Solid Amber Main battery is fully charged
Fast Blinking Amber Charging error
Off Not charging

WAN Radio Status LED

LED State Indication
Slow Blinking Greem RF (WWAN) radio is on
Off RF (WWAN) radio is off


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