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Connecting a Tethered Scanner to your Intermec CV60

You can attach a tethered scanner to one of the serial (COM1 or COM2) connectors on the CV60 if you order the appropriate RS-232 cable. Contact your Carlton Technologies representative for more information on the required scanner and cable.

To connect a tethered scanner

  1. Attach the RS-232 cable to one of the COM ports on the Intermec CV60.
  2. Attach the other end of the cable to the tethered scanner.
  3. On the Intermec CV60, go to Start > Control Panel > Intermec Settings.
  4. Go to Data Collection > Tethered Scanner (COM1) or (COM2).
  5. Make sure Enable scanner port is checked.
  6. Go to Scanner Settings > Scanner model and select your scanner from the list.
  7. Select File > Save Settings, then File > Exit to close Intermec Settings.
  8. Depending on the scanner you are attaching, you may hear a series of beeps and the Good Read light may flash. You are now ready to use the scanner.


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