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Understanding the Status Lights on your Intermec CV60

The status lights on the Intermec CV60 turn on to indicate the status of the network connection, a successful decode of a bar code, or a user-defined function.


Light Name Color Description
Good read light Green This light comes on when the Intermec CV60 successfully decodes a bar code with an attached scanner.
Ready-to-Work indicator Blue The blue light indicates when the Intermec CV60 is ready to use in your application, typically TE 2000.

The Ready-To-Work Indicator on your Intermec CV60 has three states: off, blinking and on. The table below will help you better understand the different states of the light.

Light State What it Means
Off The TE 2000 application has not loaded successfully, or you are not running a Ready-to-Work application.
Blinking The CV60 is not connected to the host.
On A connection to the server has been established and all network connections are active.

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