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Learning the Basic Skills on your Intermec CV60

Learning to use the CV60 is easy. This section describes the basic concepts of using and customizing your CV60 Computer.

Using the Desktop Screen

When you turn on your Intermec CV60 for the first time each day, you see the Desktop Screen.

To customize what displays on the desktop
• Tap Start > Control Panel > the Display icon.
Status icons display information such as when the Intermec CV60 is connected to the network or to the Internet. You can tap an icon to open the associated setting or program.

Accessing Programs

You can switch from one program to another by selecting it from the Start menu. (You can customize which programs you see on this menu).

• Tap Start > Programs and then the program name.
The following is a partial list of programs that are on your CV60, in the order they appear in the Start menu.
• Internet Explorer
• Windows Media
• Microsoft WordPad

Using the Taskbar

The taskbar on your Intermec CV60 is located at the bottom of the screen. It displays the Start menu icon, the current time, the Desktop icon, and the Input Panel icon. Use the taskbar to switch programs and close screens.


Using Pop-Up Menus

Use pop-up menus to quickly perform an action on an item. For example, you can use a pop-up menu to delete or make a copy of an item. To access a pop-up menu, tap and hold the item on which you want to perform the action. When the menu appears, tap the action you want to perform, or tap anywhere outside the menu to close the menu without performing the action.

Using Internet Explorer

You can use Internet explorer to run web-based applications and view pages downloaded to the CV60. You can also connect to the internet through an ISP or a network connection. You can make connections using a modem, a wireless network, or Ethernet. You can use a modem connection to set up connections with an external modem.

  1. Set up a connection to your ISP or corporate network by going to Start > Connect To > Show all connections > Create a New Connection and follow the on-screen
    instructions to set up your Internet connection.
  2. Tap Start > Internet Explorer. An Intermec page opens and displays the OS version loaded on the CV60.


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