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Understanding the status LED’s on Your Intermec CN70

Use the following information to understand the status LED’s on your Intermec CN70. All six status LEDS are not available on every 70 Series computer. For example, the QWERTY versions of the Intermec CN70 and CN70e do not have a Green key status LED.

Status LED and Description

LED Color Description
Notification Amber This LED is user-programmable.
Good Read Green The computer successfully decoded a bar code or read and write RFID tags.
Ready-to-Work Blue If you have Intermec Terminal Emulator (ITE), the application is running and connected to the host.
If you do not have ITE, you can configure the Ready-to-Work indicator to turn on or off to indicate a healthy state.
Ready-to-Work Blinking Blue ITE is running but not connected to the host. The computer is unhealthy.
Ready-to-Work Off ITE is not installed or not running. The computer is healthy.
Key Status Green The Green function key is enabled. When writing RFID tags, a Good Read LED will
blink on Green if a write is successful.
Key Status Orange The Orange function key is enabled.
Shift Red The Shift key is enabled. When writing RFID tags, the Battery Status LED will turn on Red for 1 second and then return to its previous state if a write is unsuccessful.




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