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Cleaning your Intermec CN70

To keep your Intermec CN70 in good working order, you may need to clean the imager window, color camera window, and the touch screen. Clean the windows and the touch screen as often as needed for the environment in which you are using the computer.

Here is a list of approved cleaning solutions:

• Acetic acid, 10% in water
• Ethyl alchohol, 10% in water
• Mild soap solutions
• 5% to no more than 10% bleach or sodium hypochlorite in water.

Avoid these cleaning agents and all products that contain these agents:

• Hydrogenated hydrocarbons
• Sodium hydroxide
• Ammonia solutions
• Ethers
• Carbolic acid
• Methyl or isopropyl alcohol
• Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)
• Heavy detergents
• Alkaline solutions
• Oxidizing acids
• Organic chemicals such as paint thinner, acetone, tolulene, xylene,
propyl or isopropyl alcohol, or kerosene.

  1. Press the Power button and choose to suspend the computer.
  2. Dip a clean, soft, dry cloth towel in the cleaning solution and wring out the excess.
  3. Wipe off the imager window, camera lens, and flash area. Do not allow any abrasive material to touch these surfaces.
  4. Wipe dry with a clean, soft, dry cloth.
  5. Allow the computer to fully air dry before using it.

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