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Intermec CN70 Battery 101

Changing the Battery.

If your battery power is low on your Intermec CN70, you need to either charge the battery in the computer, or replace it with a charged battery.

  • Save your files and close any open applications.
  • Press the Power button and choose Hibernate from the menu to suspend the computer.
  • Detach the handstrap from the computer.

  • Make sure the computer is in hibernate mode and the screen is off.
  • Remove the battery.

  • Insert the top end of a fully charged battery into the computer, and press down firmly on the bottom of the battery. Make sure that the battery release is fully engaged.

Battery Status LED

LED State Description
Steady Green The computer is connected to a charger and the battery is more than 95% charged.
Blinking Red The battery is very low. The computer will soon go into Suspend mode. Charge or replace the battery.
Steady Red The computer is connected to a charger and the battery is charging.
Blinking Red/Amber The battery charging system has encountered an error. The battery is not charging.
Steady Amber The battery is outside of the allowable charging temperature range. Charging will resume when the battery temperature is back in the acceptable range of 5 °C to 35 °C (41 °F to 95 °F).
Off The computer is not on external power and the battery is operating normally.

Battery Life and Conservation

Batteries that are stored outside the Intermec CN70 for long periods of time slowly discharge. Intermec recommends storing the battery in a charger to maintain battery performance.

When You Want Too Do This to Save Battery Power
Use the computer and the Low Battery status icon appears or the Battery light comes on. • Connect the computer to an external power source.
• Or, save your data and press the Power button and select Hibernate. After the computer turns off, remove the battery and insert a fully charged battery.
Stop using the computer for 5
minutes or longer.
Make sure that the low battery icon is not on the screen and the Battery LED is not on. Press the Power button and choose Suspend to suspend the computer.
Store the computer for more than a day. If you are storing the computer for a few days, like over the weekend, install a charged battery or connect the computer to a power source.
If you are storing the computer for longer, remove and charge the battery, and then store both the battery and computer in a cool location. If you store the battery for several months, recharge the battery to keep it at peak performance.
Store the battery outside the computer. Store the batteries in a charger.





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