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Troubleshooting your Intermec CN50

The section below will help you troubleshoot common problems that you may experience with your Intermec CN50.

Problem Solution
You cannot type a character on the keypad or you can only type uppercase or lowercase characters. You may have locked a modifier key on the keypad. Press the necessary sequence to unlock the key.
You press the Power key and nothing happens. Make sure that the backlight is on.

Make sure that you have a charged battery that is installed correctly.

The battery may be discharged. Replace the battery with a spare charged battery or charge the battery.

Reset the CN50.

You insert a microSD card and cannot find the SDMMC Disk folder on the CN50. The microSD card may not be installed correctly. Reseat the card.

The microSD card may be damaged. Try another card.

 The Battery status LED is on. If the battery status LED is a steady green, the battery is more than 95% charged and the CN50 is on a charger.

If the battery status LED is blinking red then battery charge is low. Replace or charge the battery.

If the battery status LED is a steady red, the main battery is on a charger.

 The CN50 appears to be locked up and you cannot enter data. Press the Power key to turn off the device and press the power key again to turn it on.

Cold boot the CN50.

Try reloading the firmware.

 You tap the screen and nothing happens. Align the screen.

Make sure that the CN50 is not locked.



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