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Resetting your Motorola WT4090

There are two types of resets, warm boot and cold boot. A warm boot restarts the wearable terminal by closing all running programs.
A cold boot also restarts the wearable terminal, but erases all stored records and entries in RAM. Data saved in flash memory or a memory card is not lost. In addition it returns formats, preferences and other settings to the factory default settings.

Perform a warm boot first. This restarts the wearable terminal and saves all stored records and entries. If the wearable terminal still does not respond, perform a cold boot.

Performing a Warm Boot

Hold down the Power button on your Motorola WT4090 for approximately five seconds. As soon as the wearable terminal starts to perform a warm boot release the Power button.

Performing a Cold Boot

A cold boot restarts the wearable terminal and erases all user stored records and entries that are not saved in flash memory (Application and Platform folders).

To perform a cold boot on a WT4070/90 press and simultaneously hold the 1, 9 and Power button. Do not hold down any other keys or buttons. The wearable terminal initializes.

Note: Never perform a cold boot unless a warm boot does not solve the problem.

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