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Troubleshooting Tips for your Intermec PW40

If your Intermec PW40 printer is not functioning properly, follow these steps for basic troubleshooting.

Paper Loading Problems

If the paper feed mechanism does not feed correctly on the first part of a new paper roll, remove two to three feet of paper from the outside of the roll. The length of paper rolls can vary by as much as five feet, making the roll too thick for the printer to accommodate.

If the printer is out of paper ( or the paper release lever is in the up position) the condition interrupts a batch of receipts and the printer suspends operation until the condition is fixed. The printer continues to communicate with the mobile computer is long as it does not “time out”.

Once the printer is operational, the suspended batch (if any) continues to print, ensuring that all receipts are properly printed.

Not Printing

  • Print a self test. If the self test will not print, check battery voltage by plugging the printer into a wall outlet using the AC adapter. Repeat the self test and check the battery voltage print out. Charge the battery if necessary or replace.
  • Ensure that the mobile computer is securely seated in the holder connector.
  • Make sure that the paper is properly installed, with lever closed.
  • Turn the print head knob to ensure that the paper is not jammed.
  • Use only the recommended battery pack for the printer.
  • Printer will not print on the wrong side of the paper. Reload if necessary.

Print Roller Appears Dirty

  • Clean your printer

Print is too Light

If you are not getting satisfactory darkness, connect your printer to your personal computer containing you Configuration Program and click on the Paper Option button. Adjust the Darkness setting to a higher percentage until the print is dark and crisp.

Charging Problems

AC Adapter: If the printer does not respond when it is connected to an AC adapter, there could be a problem with the adapter or with the wall outlet.

Cigarette Adapter: If the printer does not respond when it is connected to a cigarette lighter adapter, it is possible that the fuse may be blown. To check, remove the cigarette lighter adapter from all power supplies and unscrew the cover over the pin. Pull out the fuse. If the elements in the fuse appear broken, replace the fuse.


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