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Intermec PW40 Battery 101

Your Intermec PW40 printer is a battery powered device. Below are common indicator lights and helpful solutions to help maintain optimal battery health when using your pinter.

Charging the Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • Your printer batteries will charge completely in about 3 hours.
  • Depending on the charger that you are using, you can charge the mobile computer battery, printer batteries or both at the same time.

LED Battery Indicators

LED State of Charge Action
Slow Orange Flashing Timeout Restart charge
Fast Orange Flashing Internal Error Remove battery to power down completely and re-connect. Or unplug from charging source, wait 15-20 seconds and re-connect.
Solid Red In Progress Waiting for green LED. Occasionally a new battery pack is in a low battery state and may get “stuck” at flashing orange and remain at the trickle charge state. To correct, disconnect charger from printer for 5 seconds and reconnect.
Green Complete Remove charger.
Slow Red Flashing Low temperature or battery is disconnected Change environment or connect battery.
Fast Red Flashing High temperature Change environment.
Slow Red and Orange Flashing Low voltage Wait for solid red.
Fast Red and Orange Flashing High voltage Wait for solid red.


Determining Current Battery Power

To determine the current charge on the battery back, print out a self test by pressing and holding the red self-test button for four seconds. If the battery is good, you will see the abbreviation for the word “GOOD” next to the battery voltage print out.

This printer has a built in low battery detector. When the printer’s battery voltage is low, the printer beeps three times, indication a Low Battery Warning. This will only happen if the printer is awake.

Replacing the Battery Pack

Follow the below instruction to replace the battery pack in your Intermec PW40.

  • Open the cover and push the battery removal tabs away while lifting the battery up. The battery pack fits very tightly so caution should be used when removing the batteries to not break the clips.
  • Insert the new battery by putting the non contact area of the battery in first and resting against the center battery support posts.
  • Push down on the battery near the battery removal tabs. Ensure that the battery is completely seated and the tab fits over the top of the battery.
  • Charge the new battery.


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