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Loading the Paper in your Intermec PW40

Out of Paper

The Intermec PW40 printer sounds two quick beeps when it runs out of paper. If the printer is out of paper, it will suspend printing until paper is present and the lever is down. The printer continues to communicate with the mobile computer as long as it does not “time out”. Once the printer restarts, it finishes the rest of the print job where it left off.

Removing the Paper Core

  • Unsnap the latch and lift up the cover.
  • Wrap your index finger around the empty paper core and pull up. The paper rod will snap out.
  • Remove the empty paper core and discard.

Paper Loading

If you are using standard paper, you can load the paper automatically or manually. Experiment to find out which method is best for you.

If you are using linerless paper, it is best to use the manual paper loading method.

Automatic Paper Loading

  • Press the red self test button to wake the printer.
  • With the loose, clean edge of the paper coming from the bottom of the roll, insert the edge of the paper between the roller and platen.
  • Pushing the button again while the printer is awake causes the mechanism to feed about 6-8 inches of paper.
  • Insert the paper into the well with it resting on the paper rod clips.

Manual Paper Loading

  • Lift up the paper release lever. This takes the pressure off the platen. Make sure you have a clean edge on the new paper roll.
  • Take the edge of the paper and fold it 45°.
  • Insert the tip of the paper between the roller and the platen.
  • Push the paper until the tip is peeking out the other side.
  • Grab the tip and pull it through until the paper is straight.
  • Push down the paper release lever and insert the paper into the paper well with it resting in the paper rod clips.
  • Press the red button while the printer is on and it will feed paper. You will need about 2 inches of paper coming out of the mechanism.
  • Lower the cover while placing the extra paper through the tear bar.
  • Latch cover closed and tear off extra paper.





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