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How to Warm Cold Boot a Motorola or Symbol MT2090 Barcode Scanner

mt2090 warm cold boot reset symbol scanner

If your Motorola MT2090 scanner isn’t responding to inputs or commands, it’s time to reset it. There are two ways to reset an MT2090: warm boot and cold boot.

  1. A warm boot restarts the device by closing all running programs. All data that is not saved is lost.
  2. A cold boot also restarts the Motorola MT2090, but erases all stored records and entries from RAM.

A MT2090 cold boot also returns formats and preferences to the factory default settings. The OEM recommends attempting a warm boot on your scanner first. This will reset the Motorola MT2090 and saves all stored records and entries. If the device still does not respond, perform a cold boot.

MT2090 Warm Boot

To perform a warm boot, press and hold the 2 key and the scan trigger simultaneously for 5 seconds. If you hold them any longer than 5 seconds and nothing happens, let go and try again. Hold them for too long and you might accidentally cold boot.

During a warm boot the following three items display as text on the screen:

  • IPL
  • OS
  • PM

Caution: Files that remain open during a warm boot might not be saved.

MT2090 Cold Boot

A cold boot restarts the MT2090 scanner and erases all user stored records and entries from RAM.

To perform a cold boot, press and hold the 2 key and the scan trigger simultaneously for 10 seconds. You should note that this is the same button combination as a warm boot held for 5 seconds longer. It’s very easy to cold boot on accident if you’re not careful.

During a cold boot the following two items display as text on the screen:

  • IPL
  • OS

Caution: a cold boot resets the device to the default settings and removes all added applications, user preferences, and all stored data. Do not cold reboot without support desk approval.

Still Having Trouble?

Download the MT2070 and MT2090 User Guide for additional troubleshooting on your barcode scanner. When you’re ready to work with a world class MT2090 repair company, contact us. We can have your MT2090 fixed and back to you in as little as 3 days for a very low price.

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