MT2090 Beeper Definitions

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Motorola MT2090 Beeper Definitions

Standard Use

Beeper Sequence Indication
Low/medium/high beeps Power up.
Short high beep A bar code symbol was decoded (if decode beeper is enabled).
4 long low beeps Transmission error.
5 low beeps Conversion or format error.
Low/low/low/extra low beeps RS-232 receive error.
High beep The device detected a <BEL> character over RS-232.

Image Capture

Beeper Sequence Indication
Low beep Snapshot mode started or completed.
High/low beeps Snapshot mode timed out.

Parameter Menu Scanning

Beeper Sequence Indication
Low/high beeps Input error; incorrect bar code, programming sequence, or Cancel scanned.
High/low beeps Keyboard parameter selected. Enter value using numeric bar codes.
High/low/high/low beeps Successful program exit with change in parameter setting.

Host Specific


Beeper Sequence Indication
4 short high beeps The device has not completed initialization. Wait several seconds and scan again.
Low/medium/high beeps upon scanning a USB device
Communication with the bus must be established before the device can operate at
the highest power level.
Low/medium/high beeps occur more than once. The USB bus can put the device in a state where power to the device is cycled on
and off more than once. This is normal and usually happens when the PC cold boots.


Beeper Sequence Indication
1 short high beep A <BEL> character is received and Beep on <BEL> is enabled.


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