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Motorola MT2090 Battery 101

Inserting the Battery

The battery for your Motorola MT2090 will reside in a chamber in the handle of the unit.

To insert the battery:

  1. Insert the battery into the battery well, top first, ensuring that the battery connectors touch the device connectors inside the well.
  2. Push down on the back of the battery until it snaps into place.

Battery Charging

Charge the Motorola MT2090 using a cradle or host interface cable, or remove and charge the Li-ion battery using a spare battery charger.

Before using the device for the first time, fully charge the Li-ion battery until the green LED on the device goes off (default). The battery fully charges in less than four hours, when the device is placed in a cradle with a 12V supply connected.

This device does not have a backup battery. Any data in RAM is lost when the battery is removed. However, the real-time clock is maintained for a period of 20 minutes during a battery change.


  • Single Slot USB Charge Only Cradle – with power supply for fast charging.
  • Single Slot Multi-interface Bluetooth Cradle – with power supply; powered from host (slow charge).
  • Four Slot Charge Only Cradle – with power supply.
  • Four Slot Ethernet Cradle – with power supply.

Spare Battery Charger:

  • Four Slot Battery Charger – with power supply.

Cables (and power supply):

  • USB Client Charge Cable.
  • RS-232 Serial Cable – with power supply.

Use a cradle or a charge cable to charge the Li-ion battery in the Motorola MT2090. Use either the four slot cradle or four slot battery charger to charge up to four spare batteries. The charge cable requires a power supply.


Insert the device into a cradle. The device starts to charge automatically. The charge LED on the device flashes during charging and goes off when the battery is fully charged (default).


Connect a charge cable to the appropriate power source and connect the other end of the charge cable to the device. The device starts to charge automatically. The charge LED on the device flashes during charging and goes off when the battery is fully charged (default).

Battery Removal:

  1. Press Menu >Suspend to turn off the screen and place the device in suspend mode.
  2. With your thumb, press down on the indentation on the battery lock and drag it away from the battery.
  3. Lift up the back of the battery and pull it out of the battery well.


Battery Maintenance

Note: Do not store the device with the battery installed. Doing so long term may cause irreversible harm to the battery. Always store the battery removed from the device.

Note: If a battery is installed during long term storage, it may discharge to point at which it cannot be recovered.

Even when stored separately from device it is important to follow industry standard guidelines. When batteries are stored over a year, battery cell manufacturers advise that some irreversible deterioration in overall battery quality may occur. To minimize this loss, they recommend storing batteries half charged in a dry, cool place between 41° and 77°F (5° and 25°C), the cooler the better. Batteries should be charged to half capacity at least once a year. In order to charge a battery to half capacity, take a fully discharged battery and charge it for two hours. If an electrolyte leakage is observed, avoid any contact with the affected area and properly dispose of the battery.


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