MF4Te Installing Paper

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Installing Paper on your Datamax-O’Neil MF4Te Printer

Below are quick instructions on how to replace the paper on your MF4Te mobile printer.

  • Insert a roll of paper with the end of the roll exiting from the bottom of the paper cavity.
  • Open the print head by raising the gray print head release lever until it is fully open. Do not stop at the partial open position.
  • Wake the printer up by briefly pressing the red self test button.
  • Feed the end of the paper under the roller. The paper will automatically feed under the roller and exit the top of the print head. Verify that the paper exits the print head straight.
  • Place the roll of paper in the paper cavity so it is sitting tightly. Remove any excess paper by grasping the top corner of the paper and pulling it away.
  • Lower the gray, print head release lever.
  • Close and latch the printer’s cover.

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