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Datamax-O’Neil MF4Te Connectivity

Your Datamax-O’Neil MF4Te printer can connect using a wired connection, using 802.11 or by using a Bluetooth connection. See below for basic information on how to connect your printer to the host.

Using Printer Data Cables:

  • Select the appropriate cable for use with the host and/or device that you are using.
  • Insert the plug into the printer’s data port.
  • Lead the cable through the notch on the outside of the printer’s cover.
  • With the cable exiting the front of the printer, close and latch the printer’s cover.

Using 802.11/Bluetooth Connectivity:

Radio printers are configured with factory default settings. To determine your printer’s radio configuration, print a self test.

For proper system operation, set the following parameters on your printer and host computer.

802.11 Parameters

  • ESS ID
  • IP Address (if not DHCP)
  • DHCP
  • Sub Net Mask
  • WEP Encryption
  • Port
  • Network Type

Bluetooth Parameters

  • Device Name
  • Authentication
  • Bondable
  • Discoverable
  • Connectable
  • Encryption

Note: These settings are applicable to your individual network settings and connectivity should only be attempted if you have compete settings information.


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